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Jophiel PMU Academy

20% for microblading course and apprenticeship program

A Big Discount of 20% for the first 20 Students

🌟 Fulfill Your Dream with a Microblading Business. To request the License from the city, the student must have the first 2 steps:

🌟 Getting Microblading Course & Apprenticeship Certificate. The student will get a Bonus Learning a free new technique Nano blade.

*** Are you passionate about owning your very own Microblading Business?👜 It all starts with obtaining the right license. Let us guide you through the steps:

Step 1️⃣: Complete the Microblading Certificate $4000

Step 2️⃣: One-year/200-hour Apprenticeship program $6000

But wait, no diploma or talent is required! All you need is the determination and perseverance to succeed. At Jophiel PMU Academy, we offer a Professional Eyebrow Microblading Course that will equip you with the necessary skills for permanent cosmetic procedures. 🎓💄

Enroll now and enjoy an amazing bonus! Register for our Apprenticeship Program and get a Free new technique Eyebrow Embroidery Course. 🆓

Here's what awaits you at Jophiel PMU Academy:

✔️Personalized one-on-one training with experienced instructors.

✔️80% hands-on practical training to build your expertise, supported by 20% theory.

✔️Opportunity to perform procedures on live models, gaining valuable real-world experience.

✔️Graduating students become confident and proficient in various eyebrow techniques, including the latest 3D microblading. 🌟👁️

Our Microblading Course covers essential objectives, including:

🔬Learning proper sanitation, sterilization, and adhering to OSHA and CDC standards/guidelines.

🔬Understanding skin anatomy for precise and safe procedures.

🔬Knowledge of handling green or red eyebrows like a pro.

🔬Mastering the art of designing eyebrow shapes based on facial proportions and the golden ratio.

🔬Correcting and transforming old, dark, or discolored eyebrow tattoos with finesse.

Excited yet? We have more for you! 🎁Enroll in our Permanent Makeup Apprenticeship Program after successfully graduating from Jophiel PMU Academy. Tailored to your unique needs, this program allows you to refine your skills and boost your confidence in the world of permanent cosmetics.

Complete 12 models within 12 months and receive a prestigious certificate for completing either a "One-Year Apprenticeship Program" or 200 hours of Apprenticeship. 🏆The fee for this comprehensive program is $6000.00, covering 12 individual hands-on practice sessions on live models, and each student is fully insured for the year.

😍Remember, regulations may vary, and some cities and states require an apprenticeship for licensing.

But that's not all! Our Hands-On Practice on Live Models, available as individual sessions, offers more opportunities for refinement. 💪Join us after taking courses outside Jophiel PMU Academy LLC, or if you need extra practice for licensure, skill refreshment, or increased proficiency.

The future awaits! Enroll now at Jophiel PMU Academy and let us help you achieve your dream Microblading Business! Contact us to secure your spot and begin your exciting journey.

🌟👉Jophiel PMU Academy LLC:

Phone: 978-788-4671

Address: 481 Boston Rd, Billerica, MA 01821